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Ovamo   My breeding farm WALPURGIS NIGHT have been registered by FCI at the number 163/2000 ( before this it had registered in Slovakia at the name Z WALPURGINEJ NOCI and at the number 0992/80). It has been registering since 1980, before that I had registered it in 1979, but officially it had registered a half year later. So it has been more then 41 years of my successful dog raising and beautiful exposition moments, and I'm proud of it.

I started with race mastino napolitano. First I had female Artemis, later I had male Brutto. Male was really beautiful. He won CAC, CACIB, BOB and R.BIS in Budapest. If I remember, that happened in 1984. He was also very successful in Brno, where he won CAC and R.CACIB. In 1988 I get married and went from Bratislava (SLOVAKIA) to Split (CROATIA).

We lived in small two-room apartment, but this didn't prevent me to have mastino (80 kg), male of mops Carin and white Persian cat Dora, which had two times a year at least three kittens. My husband Ivan and I had also take trouble about descendants, and soon we got two girls, Annamaria (1989) and Nicolette (1991). In spite of cramped quarters, 1991 I had first litter of pugs in Croatia. Male from that litter - Alf was first Croatian champion. From second litter, 1992 was born Brutus, which had many successful moments in Slovenia, and he left to Maribor.

In the year 1994 in our family came first female of French bulldog Ajda and puppy of English bulldog Arabella.
Because of that our apartment of 50 squares became to cramped. So we bought a house (1250 m2) in Kaštela near Split. Finally enough space for all of us. Today I have successful dog raising of all three races: English bulldog, French bulldog and Pug (mops, carlin).

                                                    Miriam (Translation by my daughter Annamaria)


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