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As every year, the exhibition CACIB SPLIT 2008 was the inevitable destination for the presentation of our breeding. It was an exhibition of the KSP SPLIT, under the wings of HKS Zagreb. The quality of the data shows evidence that it was even reported a total of 4224 dogs. Our kennel has been exhibited by 3 dogs from each breed and it shows all 4 days. The results were excellent, it was a very successful exhibition of Walpurgis night for our team. We hung out with the old and the new friends from the Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Polish, German. ..
There were plenty of journalists and one is "stuck" for some of our champion, French Bulldog Walpurgis Night YOKO-ONO-so that his daughter Zaru painted with it and put a reminder to the entire exhibition.
We are very proud of our beauty Yoko..Huraaaa


Our kennel Walpurgis night was successfully presented at the International Exhibition CACIB Zagreb 1998.
It was wonderful, the experience was unforgettable. A beautiful exhibition with excellent organization, the perfect time, success of our dogs ...
At that time, breed the English bulldog was very attractive, in Croatia there were to count on the fingers ...
Around us are walking and journalists, and HRT (television).
Our English bulldog ARABELA at that time had a beautiful litter. On the exhibition, we go with two of her puppies, the boy FREDDY-I and the girl FRIDA. Around our area was a great rush, everyone wanted to touch at least one of the puppies. Italian teams are not separated from us and I have resisted their successful bids for the purchase of Frida. Her brother Freddy was already booked and quickly came to his owners who have taken pride in his new home. In 2008 we reported his owner from Ljubljana, sent me his pictures from thanksgiving. In fact, veterinarians are from Ljubljana, Freddy called "the miracle of the bulldog" - never sick, happy and moving in the years that the English bulldog age.
FRIDA eventually was sold not, we decided to keep for breeding in our kennel.
In 2000 Frida thanked us with a beautiful litter of 7 puppies (born them is 10, but 3 did not survive).
Frida was our most successful bulldog in exhibitions. All have admired its beauty and character. The greatest achievement was at the International Exhibition in Ancona (Italy), where she was second among Bulldogs from many world famous kennel.

Newspaper article from VEČERNJI LIST 19/03/1998:

Jedan lijepi dan tople jeseni 1995 godine smo imali srdačan susret sa novinarkom Večernjeg lista, gospođom Alenkom Goleš. Taj dan smo dovezli na Međunarodnu izložbu CACIB ZAGREB 2 štenca od naše ženkice mopsa, šampionke ARIANE. Dovezli smo ih novim vlasnicima koji su ih rezervirali nedugo od rođenja i nestrpljivo su čekali svog novog ljubimca ispred Doma Sportova u Zagrebu, gdje se je i održavala izložba.
Nakon rastanka sa malenima smo sa našim psima nastupali na izložbi i dan je završio našom velikom srečom, 2 naša psa su upravo taj dan završila Hrvatski šampionat - GH-HR. Dan za pamčenje.

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